Tuesday, December 23, 2008

photos of interest...

The best part of October was meeting this child, seeing old friends, and helping Stan get married!

These most beautiful cookies came home with Todd, from his office Thanksgiving party. The photos don't do them justice-- they were amazing!

Todd calls Kuyper Dr. K, I think after Dr. J (Julius Irvin), who was called that after Dr. Dre??? I don't know. Anyway... This is what I come home to. These boys make me laugh.

Can you imagine a nicer Christmas dog? Me neither. He is lying against the small of my back, warming me, right now. Kuyper and I have come through a lot together. Merry Christmas, caninus adoracus!

I spent 4 hours adding photos to my computer, and I can't find them now.

Thursday, September 25, 2008


It was a really, really fast slide. That is all.

Saturday, September 20, 2008


Someday I will post daily, not weekly.

Someday I will run again.

Someday I will finish PA school.

Someday I will have all the boxes in this house unpacked.

Someday I will have the entire house clean with no dirty laundry. Or dishes for that matter.

Someday I will read through the Bible.

Someday my posture will be better.

Someday I will read Tolstoy.


But today, right now, I am reviewing the gastrointestinal system.

And listening to Widor-- some of his organ works.

Oh, yeah, I'm going to shave the dog. This week.

Saturday, September 13, 2008


the church is having a couples retreat reunion cocktail party tomorrow. (yes im typing in lower case because i have a test on monday that i am studying for and want to save the infinitesimal amount of time that capitalization takes but i just wasted all the time i haven't saved yet andmore with this explanation.) anyway, we are going to athis cocktail party tomorrrow. it is a church party, and we are supposed to bring a bottle of wine. how do I pick the perfect bottle of wine? something that says that we are coool, but not too cool for school, and we have good taste but aren't pretentious? we're definitely bringing red, because we both like red,but there isn't just one kind that ive had that stands out to me expect the bottle i finished at jessicas which i don't remember the brand. its like choosing a name for my kid, or an oufit to wear to meet a whole bunch of new people. except there is no standby wine, updated biannually, in my kitchen. (i had to retire the shell early this time, because it came apart APPARENTLY after the drycleaners are before making it out of the drycleaner's bag. but I replaced it.)

anyway, i'm sending todd, who lived in california, to find this bottle of wine, because he is cool, but not too cool for school, and he has good taste but isn't too prententious. I *clearly* am too concerned with my image to make a good choice. and I'm humble, too.

the other problem (other than my having a test at 8 am the morning after the cocktail party) is that i have no alcohol tolerance remaining. one glass of wine has to last three hours. that's oh, let's see, a sip every half hour.

MAYBE i should send Todd to get some red food coloring, instead. we'll drink the wine we have open now, I'll food color some water, and drink the best of them under the table! Because I lived in New Orleans, right?

Todd's hammering and doing more wiring stuff today. he threatened to take out his circular saw, as well. and something about rolling up the rug. because i have a test on monday.

i'm going to study now.

love you,

Monday, September 8, 2008


Today, two rats were sited by this author. One was at the end of the street this morning. Kuyper found it first. It was clearly ill or poisoned, as it was out in broad daylight and showed no fear. It ran off when I was yelling "NO, No, NNNNOOOOO!!!" to Kuyper.

The second was in Central Park. I went there after work to finish my book. A tow-headed boy on a red bicycle with training wheels nearly collided with a rat who was trying to cross the road around the Reservior. He jumped off his bike and was all excited, trying to get his mom and her friend (or his nanny) to look for it with him, under the benches. They told him he had made it up, and he said "OK then. It was the biggest mouse I ever saw." They found this hilarious and told him he had never seen a mouse up close. He was very sweet about the whole thing. I told him that I had seen the whole thing and was proud of him for being able to stop and not hit the rat. The mom/nanny said she had been hoping he had made the whole thing up. I told her it was a very large rat indeed.

Sunday, September 7, 2008


It's very quiet around here. The storm passed last night, and we now have very low humidity with sunshine. My prestorm headache has passed... I have a mental to do list of things to do while Todd is gone-- and I've gotten some of them done.

I do have a photo for you... I'm not sure who said what... but apparently it was pretty scandalous!