Monday, July 28, 2008

Bugaboo Frog for Mom and Emily Step 3

This is step three!!! Go down to the first Bugaboo post to get step one. And don't laugh at my incandescent whiteness!
This is the seat, which fits down over the pegs mentioned in the last post.

Peg sliding over post again.

Those white buttons are what you push if you want to get the seat off the peg. Don't push them. You are trying to get it on.

You should just have one more solid piece left. That is the cross bar that you balance the cheerios on. It slides down into this hole and the one like it on the opposite side of the stroller.

All the rest of the pieces and placement should be obvious. I highly recommend some machine washing with soap and drying in the sun.... and you need those doohickeys that go on a valve stem for the bikes. I found the owner's manual by Googling bugaboo frog owner's manual- I'll print that and put it in the box for you.

Bugaboo Frog for Mom and Emily Step 2

This shiny hole is where the wheels go. The green thing is the brakes. The wheel without the tag goes on the side with all the stickers. I think stickers come off with alcohol and the Magic Eraser.

This is me, in all my whiteness, popping the wheel out of the hole after I pressed the two clips together.

To change the angle of the handle so that the stroller sits upright on both wheels, you press in the tiny round white button on the upper RH side of this photo and then slide both the white pegs toward yourself while simultaneously unfolding it. (Dog not included. This is his new bed that he loves so much.)
The seat supports on the side of the seat slide down onto these pegs. (center of photo-- they don't really look like pegs, but what are they?)

Bugaboo Frog for Mom and Emily

I had to take it apart. Here is, I hope, how to put it back together:
The first thing is to unclip the little wheels from the piece that holds the big wheels. The clip is on the smaller axle in the above photo.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Bookshelves are Painted!

So I think now is a good time to observe to Todd that the air conditioner in the living room is leaking water into the living room.

Impecable timing, no?

I think we're singlehandedly frying the planet. Last night, Kuyper pooped. He never poops at night, always on his morning walk. So we didn't have a bag handy. Pooping without pickup in Brooklyn carries a $1000 fine. Yes, I typed that correctly. Under the wheel of the car parked at the curb was a smashed 12 oz. cup. I reconstructed it just enough to scoop the poop. There were no trashcans anywhere in sight, so I *dropped it down the stormdrain*. I just dropped the poop, not the cup. The cup went back under the car at the curb. Don't tell mom.

We've earned some lunch. and Juli is calling.

Bye, ya'll!

Saturday in the BK

Friday, July 25, 2008

Photo of the Day

An appropriate first photo.

I went to New Jersey today. I got two boxes of my things that had been moved from Mom's to Emily's to Grandmother's to Dad's to my step-aunt's in Edison, NJ. I pulled up in front of our building to unload them, but a parking place became available on our street, so I snatched it. The boxes went into the trunk. Either Todd will walk them down the street, or I will bring the car to the building and unload before we go raspberry picking tomorrow.

We are no longer going to the budgeting workshop tomorrow. It turns out:
A: you have to register (we didn't)
B: it is from 9-4, not 9-1 (we have plans at 3)
C: and there is serious advance homework required.

So tomorrow we will be painting the shelves of the bookshelves. Construction of these shelves is epic, unending, something I can count on as a constant in my life. They are well constructed, sturdy-- a manifest of Todd's engineering. I'm sincerely hoping we finish by the time Juli and Peanut come visit.

In the "other ongoing" category:
Must write thank yous.
Must register the car.
Must find accident report. I accidentally lost it.
Must register the dog.
Must study for rotation exam.
Must come up with four people for physicals.
Must study for end of rotation "quiz".

I'm thinking about finding a small dresser to go in the foyer. It could hold our overflow-- the extra Q-tips, toilet tissue, saline solution, breath busters-- the things that come in multiples, hold Kuyper's supplies, and hold the less often used office supplies. I'd also like a fresh flower and a lamp there, with one of the pressed aluminum Deco trays to hold Todd's pocket contents. If I didn't have a flower, I could use the purple bowl and put a fern in there.

I painted the risers in the foyer Benjamin Moore "iris bliss"-- a gray/purple. It looks like a shadow until you look right at it. I'm not sure that I like it-- I thought it would click with me right away and it doesn't. But I only put the second coat on today, so maybe I'll come home tomorrow and fall in love.

Ok. Time to go to bed.