Tuesday, December 23, 2008

photos of interest...

The best part of October was meeting this child, seeing old friends, and helping Stan get married!

These most beautiful cookies came home with Todd, from his office Thanksgiving party. The photos don't do them justice-- they were amazing!

Todd calls Kuyper Dr. K, I think after Dr. J (Julius Irvin), who was called that after Dr. Dre??? I don't know. Anyway... This is what I come home to. These boys make me laugh.

Can you imagine a nicer Christmas dog? Me neither. He is lying against the small of my back, warming me, right now. Kuyper and I have come through a lot together. Merry Christmas, caninus adoracus!

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lil chap said...

i miss kuyper. he really is a fantastic dog, even if he drove me nuts when he was a puppy.