Saturday, September 13, 2008


the church is having a couples retreat reunion cocktail party tomorrow. (yes im typing in lower case because i have a test on monday that i am studying for and want to save the infinitesimal amount of time that capitalization takes but i just wasted all the time i haven't saved yet andmore with this explanation.) anyway, we are going to athis cocktail party tomorrrow. it is a church party, and we are supposed to bring a bottle of wine. how do I pick the perfect bottle of wine? something that says that we are coool, but not too cool for school, and we have good taste but aren't pretentious? we're definitely bringing red, because we both like red,but there isn't just one kind that ive had that stands out to me expect the bottle i finished at jessicas which i don't remember the brand. its like choosing a name for my kid, or an oufit to wear to meet a whole bunch of new people. except there is no standby wine, updated biannually, in my kitchen. (i had to retire the shell early this time, because it came apart APPARENTLY after the drycleaners are before making it out of the drycleaner's bag. but I replaced it.)

anyway, i'm sending todd, who lived in california, to find this bottle of wine, because he is cool, but not too cool for school, and he has good taste but isn't too prententious. I *clearly* am too concerned with my image to make a good choice. and I'm humble, too.

the other problem (other than my having a test at 8 am the morning after the cocktail party) is that i have no alcohol tolerance remaining. one glass of wine has to last three hours. that's oh, let's see, a sip every half hour.

MAYBE i should send Todd to get some red food coloring, instead. we'll drink the wine we have open now, I'll food color some water, and drink the best of them under the table! Because I lived in New Orleans, right?

Todd's hammering and doing more wiring stuff today. he threatened to take out his circular saw, as well. and something about rolling up the rug. because i have a test on monday.

i'm going to study now.

love you,


BillC said...

mogan david concord is kosher, surely acceptable in church :)

Lily Rose said...

I know it's too late for your party, but some Armenian pomegranate wine might do the trick next time you're looking for something affordable, cool, and delicious.
There's one brand called Ararat sold at supermarkets around here...You chill it, unlike most red sorts of wine, and it is most delicious. Your littlest sister loved it last time she was here!