Monday, September 8, 2008


Today, two rats were sited by this author. One was at the end of the street this morning. Kuyper found it first. It was clearly ill or poisoned, as it was out in broad daylight and showed no fear. It ran off when I was yelling "NO, No, NNNNOOOOO!!!" to Kuyper.

The second was in Central Park. I went there after work to finish my book. A tow-headed boy on a red bicycle with training wheels nearly collided with a rat who was trying to cross the road around the Reservior. He jumped off his bike and was all excited, trying to get his mom and her friend (or his nanny) to look for it with him, under the benches. They told him he had made it up, and he said "OK then. It was the biggest mouse I ever saw." They found this hilarious and told him he had never seen a mouse up close. He was very sweet about the whole thing. I told him that I had seen the whole thing and was proud of him for being able to stop and not hit the rat. The mom/nanny said she had been hoping he had made the whole thing up. I told her it was a very large rat indeed.

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